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Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres

French speaking Libre Software Users' Association

Promouvoir les logiciels libres ainsi que l'utilisation de standards ouverts.

Worldwide Campaign: "My University offers me my Microsoft Windows ® License"


Many universities and engineering schools provide their students with a free Microsoft Windows ® license through a partner program with Microsoft. Yet, when students buy a new computer, they also pay for another (OEM) Microsoft Windows ® license included in the computer price. Today, the French speaking Libre Software Users' Association (AFUL) launches a worldwide campaign My University offers me my Microsoft Windows ® License to encourage students to request a refund from good computer manufacturers (those who willingly offer such a refund). By claiming their refund, the students will help restoring a healthy economic competition among operating systems, says AFUL.

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The French speaking Linux and Libre Software Users' Association (AFUL), AFUL aims to promote libre software and the use of open standards. AFUL is a non-profit association that gathers users, professionals, companies and other associations based in more than a dozen French-speaking countries and regions (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, French-speaking African countries, etc.).

Partner of many media, AFUL is present at many exhibitions, conferences and meetings. In particular, it has an active role against bundled sales (Workgroup against bundled sales, petition, comparative list of computer vendors), in favor of interoperability (member of AFNOR, participation to Interoperability and accessibility Referentials by DGME, website, etc.), as well as on issues concerning Author Copyrights.

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