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Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres

French speaking Libre Software Users' Association

Promouvoir les logiciels libres ainsi que l'utilisation de standards ouverts.

French speaking Libre Software Users' Association (AFUL)

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Présentation de l'Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres

Since 1998, AFUL aims at promoting libre (ie free as in “free speech”) software, especially operating systems like GNU-Linux, free BSD family, and helps spreading open standards. AFUL is a non-profit association that gathers users, professionals, companies and other associations based in more than 10 French-speaking countries and regions (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, French-speaking African countries, etc.).

  • AFUL is the key contact to reach the French speaking libre software community and maintains the canonical list of the French speaking Local Linux Users' Groups (LUG).

  • AFUL is a key player in the education field with agreements with the French Ministry of Education (since 1998) and with the French Speaking University Agency (since 1999).

  • AFUL has been intensely involved in studies, reports and law making processes regarding the evolution of French copyright legislation and also related legislation regarding digital media, including the Internet. AFUL participates in the work of the French Higher Council on Copyright (CSPLA, Conseil Supérieur de la Propiété Littéraire et Artistique), especially regarding the current evolution towards more production of open access or free works, including - but not limited to - libre software.

  • AFUL is the initiator in 1999 of the movement against software patents in Europe and one of the founders of the Eurolinux Alliance. AFUL also supports the Economic Majority actions.

  • AFUL maintains a list of the economic models linked with libre software. Its members continuously debate to analyze, evaluate and give advice in the economical field.

  • AFUL acts against forced sales or inertia selling (do not say bundled sales). For fifteen years or so, computers and electronic devices have been sold with preinstalled software. This prevents customers from choosing the software they want and from paying only for what they need. Since 1999, AFUL is one of the most advanced actors worldwide in the strive against inertia selling and for providing information to the customers in the computer field. AFUL has set up a petition and has funded actions in court against unwanted software. The aim is that every user/consumer can buy PCs and hardware in general without the obligation to pay for Microsoft Windows or any unwanted software. An international petition is scheduled for the end of 2013.

  • AFUL helps funding actions and events such as the Libre Software Meeting.

  • AFUL supports fair use for audio and video contents. We think that digital copy restrictions such as DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems are largely ineffective and mainly impair users following the legal uses. AFUL held position against the European Copyright directive (EUCD).